25 July 2008

Under construction?

To the unadvanced eye, this may seem like the urinals have been ripped out. But to the extremely advance eye, now you just go where they used to be. I mean, they still got that drain on the floor, right? Either way, you don't gotta flush here. Things'll take care of 'emselves... I'm sure of it.

20 July 2008

Park pot.

Usually like any other public pot. Just in the park. And in it's own personal, smelly, dirty, graffiti-covered room. Sometimes you pay a cover charge to get into these digs. Nice.

10 July 2008


Two is always better than one, right? Maybe the top one was there first and they just added a new toilet bowl below. Or maybe the bottom one stopped working so they just added a new one up top.

Stop asking so many questions. At least it worked.

01 July 2008


Bathroom, a little small and cramped. Also serves as storage room. Toilet, ordinary enough. Go ahead, do your business. Enjoy yourself, why don't you? Maybe whistle a little tune while you go.

Flush. Flush. Why won't you flush? You're pressing the button, but the button doesn't press. Finally, you try the opposite.

Whew. Magically all is whisked away to an amazing place where you no longer have to worry about it ever again. For a few hours at least.