11 November 2008

Park pot II: a popular attraction.

The most inefficient public toilet in San Francisco.

The alleged intricacies: A cleaning cycle lasts for 5 minutes after EVERY use. "The City of San Francisco assumes that all tourists near Pier 39 are the filth of the earth."

The alleged complexities: A revolving, cyndrilical door rotates open allowing only one adult inside at a time. "The City of San Francisco aims to reduce the chances for hanky panky inside our Pier 39 pot."

"Come take a squat at Pier 39." -The City of San Francisco

And thus, there's a bigger line outside of this toilet then the tour to Alcatraz.

Submitted by Dustin. We're taking submissions now. Send them in!

1 comment:

Ashly Stewart said...

This is so absolutely ridiculous. After all of those disgusting holes in the ground throughout Europe, I would refuse this toilet. Flat out tell it NO. NO Pier 39 pot, NO thanks.