28 February 2009


Don't let the sticker fool you. I wouldn't eat in this restaurant let alone this bathroom. Although the food tasted fine going in, the stomach was all hate for the two subsequent days.

This cute sticker is no constellation for food poisoning.

15 February 2009

Los Servicios.

Since I am absolutely against paying to use a toilet and often traveling, I just do like all the other Hondureño males do.

My baño is frequently on the side of the road, between two trucks, on a dirty wall, or in a semi-private corner. Try to watch the slash-back off the concrete.

Although I've yet to nonchalantly whip it out in San Marcos where I live. Trying to maintain a little respect at home.

04 February 2009

Balancing act.

Instead of fixing their botched preposition, they should substitute: Please don't lean on the tank.

Author's note: Everything in Greece comes only in these colors.

25 January 2009

Ceiling flush.

Comfortable sitting there, huh?

Yeah, that's right.

Above your head.

Can't flush this one sitting down.

18 January 2009

Art, fashion, design.

With a reputation of flashy fashion, high society, and elitist attitudes, you'd think the Milanese would have sexier places to relieve themselves. Nope. They use the same dirty stink pots that commoners do.

Maybe this one has Carrara marble on the inside.

12 January 2009


Picture this: You're about to march through the amphitheater's stone arches to face 30,000 screaming, blood-lusting brutes. Spittle and curses fly from toothless jaws while the dirt floor already clumped into obscure pellets stained dusty burgundy.

Nervous? Need fast relief?

Asking yourself, "While in the bowels of the arena before a brutal contest, where did the Romans crap?"


Disclaimer: This amphitheater was actually used for opera.

04 January 2009


Sometimes they just don't come with seats.

But it's especially satisfying when someone has the kind heart to break off the seat.

Oh well. A gratis toilet is always welcome in Venice.

24 December 2008


Those Seattlites love a fully loaded stall. Options baby, options.

19 December 2008

World-class amenities.

WC. Food. Ice Cream. Camel.

What more could I ask for?

14 December 2008

Point of view.

The best seat at sea is often in the pisser.